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22402 - Rotary Date/Time Stamp

SKU: 22402
Your Price $68.99
XpeDater Stock Rotary Date & Time Stamp - Impression Size: 1-3/4" Diameter

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This stock rotary date and time stamp comes with a red outer ring for the Time and blue "RECEIVED" for the copy and date. The 6-year band prints: A.M., P.M., REC'D, PAID, FAX'D. This stamp comes with an inked base for a permanent home on a desk or counter top. This laser engraved rubber stamp is strong and durable. Use Xstamper Refill Ink only, use of any other ink will void out any warranty.  

To Adjust the Date Level: Remove the top cap and turn the dial to the desired height.

To Change the Date: Twist to open the body of the XpeDater and turn the dials to the desired date or text.

Re-Inking Instructions: This stamp sits in a stamp base. Remove the stamp from it's base and place 3 to 4 drops of ink into your stamp base.

Recommendations: Re-ink your stamp overnight to allow the ink to fully absorb into the stamp pad.

  • 91% Recycled Plastic Content  
  • 6-Year Date Band Beginning with Current Year 
  • Xstamper (Oil Based) Ink
  • Warranty: Guaranteed for the Life of the Date Bands