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Hi-Seal 470 2-1/8" x 3-1/2"
(w/Refill Ink Bottle)
Industrial Stamp Pad #2

SKU: 25001
Your Price $25.95
Artline Hi-Seal 470 Industrial Stamp Pad #2 (BLUE) - 2-1/8" x 3-1/2"

Artline Hi-Seal stamp pads are filled with industrial ink that are formulated to perform under the harshest conditions encountered in today's manufacturing world. They are refillable and perfect for use on skin. Our industrial stamp pads use an air-tight lock to ensure a long life for the inking surface.  

*Note: This ink in this stamp pad can only be used with "REAL RUBBER" Traditional stamps. If used on any other type of rubber stamp, it will damage the rubber.  

**Note to Consumer: When you receive your stamp pad, it will be (un-inked). With the pad you will also receive a bottle of ink. You will add the ink to your stamp pad until the ink is fully saturated. Allow 15 minutes before using.   

Recommended Uses:
  • Glows Yellow Under UV (Black) Light
  • Dries in Seconds
  • (Un-Inked) Air-Tight Locking Pad
  • 1-Bottle of Ink
  • Recommended Uses:
  • Skin
    • Product Options and Custom Information
      Stamp Pad Colors Available
      Color SKU
      Blue UV 25001