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Industrial STG Refill 20ml

Industrial STG Refill 20ml

Your Price $13.65
STG Refill Ink - 20ml Bottle

This "Quick Dry" industrial refill ink is for the Industrial Dry Stamp Pads and for your "REAL RUBBER" Traditional stamps. The ink is formulated to perform under the harshest conditions encountered in today's varied manufacturing world, due to the sensitive nature of alcohol-based inks in today's harsh industrial settings.  

*Note: This ink can only be used with the Hi-Seal "DRY" stamp pads and can only be used by "REAL RUBBER" Traditional stamps. If used on any other type of rubber stamp, it will damage the rubber. 

Industrial "F-Series" Stamps are NOT compatible with this ink and therefore are not covered by warranty if used.   

Re-ink your stamp pads overnight to allow the ink to fully absorb into the stamp pad.

The dry time on Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow is: 3-5 Minutes

The dry time on the White ink is: 1.5-2 Minutes

Xstamper Industrial Refill Ink CANNOT be shipped by air.

  • 3-5 Minute Dry Time for Colors
  • 1.5-2 Minute Dry Time for White Ink
  • Quick Dry - Permanent Ink
  • Twist Cap for Leakage Protection
  • Recommended Uses:
  • "DRY" Stamp Pads: Item# 88015 #2 Pad / 88025 #3 Pad / 88035 #4 Pad 
  • "REAL RUBBER" Traditional Stamps T01/T02/T03/T04/T05/T06/T07/T08/T09 
    • Product Options and Custom Information
      Refill Ink Colors Available
      Color SKU
      Red 24311
      Black 24312
      Blue 24313
      Green 24314
      Purple 24315
      White 24317
      Yellow 24318
      Solvent 24329